In 2013, my husband and I spent a month in Seal Beach along with friends and relatives who came to celebrate our 50th anniversary. I discovered Bogart’s right off and every morning at 7 am I would put on my head set and walk to Bogart’s where I did the crossword puzzle from the "LA Times" and drank a caramel macchiato. It was interesting how the "regulars" would divide up the paper and soon learned what section I wanted.
I met some of the best people--McKenna (barista extraordinaire); John, the street performer; George, the longshoreman; and many others. I couldn't wait for each morning.  George, at first, didn't care much for the outspoken girl from Missouri, but we bonded over Bogart’s coffee for him and macchiato for me.  I told him I wanted to hear all about what longshoremen actually do, I had never known anyone who worked on the docks. We found commonality in our respective careers (mine was teaching and administration). Even though he was retired, he still worked part time as a supervisor. On my last day that summer, he made a special trip to Bogart’s to tell me goodbye, which really touched my heart. And to say if I ever made it to Catalina, to look him up, because when he "really retired", that's where he'd be.

We came back the next year and, of course, I couldn't wait for the first morning at Bogart's.  Lo and behold there was my favorite barista, McKenna. I couldn't remember my favorite drink because Bogart’s was the only place I ever had it, and she said:  "not to worry, I do."  I was amazed because she met hundreds of people there and yet still remembered my drink a year later. I went back to our house and returned with a bigger tip!!  Lol. People remembered me and soon my old routine was back in place.

2015 was another repeat. Going to Bogart’s was just like coming home and so comfortable!  I met the owners and their son and so many others.  I was once walking down the street in Seal Beach with a friend who lived in Orange, and when someone spoke to me in greeting, she said:  "you know more people in California than I do!"  I said:  "met them at Bogart’s".
Everyone back home in south Missouri knew about Bogart’s because I facebooked tidbits about the wonderful people I met there and took photos of the beautiful views. I continue to look for a similar place at home in Missouri but nothing has ever grabbed my heart like Bogart’s. It is an amazing, magical place. I miss it.  – Judy R.

I was first learned of Bogart's Coffee House when Gilby Hager invited me to play music with his band, Host of Ghosts.  Gilby then invited me to assist him in running the open mike on Tuesday's at Bogart's. It was doing this that I became acutely aware of how important Bogart's is to the musical community of seal beach and surrounding area.

The friendly environment of the coffeehouse is not only a breeding ground and nursery for young, up and coming musicians but it also offers an ideal venue for accomplished musicians and songwriters to present new material.

This is a place where the veteran performers ascribe inspiration to the apprentices. And the inexperienced musicians and songwriters in turn provide inspiration to the seasoned performer, because it is considered a privilege to be part of, and an influence on the future musical history.

This unique setting could not take place without the support of Bogart's ownership, the barista staff and the friendly audiences that attend these events. And to these folks, I am most grateful.

Bogart's is a very important part of the musical culture of Seal Beach, and we performers, songwriters and musicians are deeply indebted.
- Jack B.

I first discovered Bogart’s when my son was in the cub scouts in Seal Beach.  We had just walked down Main Street for the Christmas Parade and stopped at Bogart’s for Hot Chocolate to warm up on a cold night.  - Michelle D.


I went to Los Al HS and Bogart’s is the place many students come to hang out.  I had a lot of friends who work here and they are always so great with the customers.  I really enjoy the music nights!  I love the atmosphere and happiness that the musicians give.  I also appreciate how easy and enjoyable studying is here.  It is a great place to focus during the day.  It is really a great place for me to listen to great music, hang out and study while enjoying my favorite drink, blended iced mocha.  - Amanda O

Honestly, Bogart’s is planted in one of my earliest memories.  When I was 3 years old, my dad would bring me here to get a small cup of whipped cream, which I would eat with a stir stick.  Since then, my cup of whipped cream eventually turned into a cup of delicious chai latte!  One of my favorite things about Seal Beach is this place, and that won’t ever change.  I feel that a part of me lies here, like a second home. - Sarah C.

My buddy Mason and I came during the summer and we both got shave ice.  It was very good so I get shave ice every time I come.  I like how cool it is to chill and eat here. - Andres F.

  My husband and I rented a place in Seal Beach a few years ago.  We began then to come to Bogart’s.  Now, if we are in town, no matter where we stay (far or near) we drive to Seal Beach and stop at Bogart’s first thing in the morning.  Great ambiance, nice people.  --Ann W.

I ride 34 miles every Saturday just for your vanilla chai!  Super Bomb!! – Brandon L.

I first discovered Bogart’s when I was in school at CSULB and would come her for a cute quiet place to study.  Then Bogart’s became the go to spot for my friends and I to meet up for some coffee!  I have so many memories here – you guys letting me change out of my freezing suit after lifeguard tryouts…and then the routine coffee with a view before all my shifts on the tower (every summer for 3 years!) Now my lifeguard days are over, but Bogart’s is still my favorite local coffee shop.  Thanks for all the yummy dirty chais!! - Chelsea G.

Me and my father come here every Friday.  It’s a wonderful time, the music is beautiful. It’s so relaxing and beautiful, it just puts me in a good mood!
- Zachary D.