Astronomy Night-Star Party

Bring your friends or family to Astronomy Night and find out how much fun it is to stargaze with an ocean view! As twilight fades, we will focus on a beautiful waxing crescent moon. The amazing topography of our nearest celestial neighbor is always an awe-inspiring sight. As the evening progresses we will turn our attention to the great Orion nebula and the best star clusters the early spring sky has to offer. Late in the evening we will have the first opportunity of 2017 to focus on amazing Jupiter and its four Galilean moons. If you have never seen the moon, planets, or deep space objects through large telescopes, you will be amazed

Many wonders await discovery at the eyepiece of powerful telescopes provided by our hard-working volunteer astronomers. Seal Beach Astronomy Nights are co-hosted by Michael Beckage, our favorite Astronomy expert!  We set up the telescopes right across the street from Bogart's on the left side of the Seal Beach pier.

If you have a telescope, please feel free to bring it to Astronomy Night. You don’t have to be an expert and it's rewarding to share anything you know with someone else. The star parties are great for kids of all ages and best of all provide serious entertainment at an unbeatable price. (Free, that is!)