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Music by Mike Jacoby

Mike Jacoby is a Long Beach-based Singer-Songwriter who’s been performing on the scene for years. Armed with an undying love for rock ‘n‘ roll music, Mike Jacoby is a multi-faceted musical artist dedicated to showcasing his brilliant songwriting. 

Mike Jacoby is back now with a brand new CD - “Long Beach Calling”. This follow-up to 2016’s “NorthEastSouthWest” is an altogether different animal. Grittier. More Electric. More Dynamic. Songs that jump out at the listener – compelling and exciting. 

“Long Beach Calling” starts with a song that pays homage both to the wonderful city of Long Beach, CA and to the Clash and ends with a song that pays homage to the Elvis impersonator in all of us. In between, there are tales of perseverance and hope; fractured relationships; death; super-models; BBQ Pits and a concise and accurate history of the Rolling Stones. What else would you want in an album? 

“Long Beach Calling” is a fantastic collection of songs put together by Mr. Jacoby. And apart from the fabulous violin of Ann DeJarnett and the fantastic piano pounding of Art Bailey Jr., “Long Beach Calling” was produced, recorded and mixed solely by Mike Jacoby – all in his humble lonesome.

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