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Astronomy Night - Star Party

Bring your friends or family to Astronomy Night and find out how much fun it is to stargaze with an ocean view! The bright planets are on parade!  As twilight fades, we will start with awesome Jupiter.  The Galilean moons and cloud bands on the largest planet always evoke jaw-dropping amazement.  Saturn is also well placed for viewing with its wonderful ring system that is beautifully tilted wide open right now.  Next up is Mars, which is closer to the Earth this summer than it will be until 2035.  Later in the evening, we will also visit sparkling double stars, star clusters and the best celestial sights the summer sky has to offer.  If you have never seen the moon or deep space objects through large telescopes, you will be amazed!

Seal Beach Astronomy Nights are co-hosted by Michael Beckage, our favorite Astronomy expert!  We set up the telescopes right across the street from Bogart's on the left side of the Seal Beach pier.

If you have a telescope, please feel free to bring it to Astronomy Night. You don’t have to be an expert and it's rewarding to share anything you know with someone else. The star parties are great for kids of all ages and best of all provide serious entertainment at an unbeatable price. (Free, that is!)

Earlier Event: September 1
Music by Ishmael Baluyot
Later Event: September 28
Music by Alan Levin